Destination Ivy Madness: Women's Basketball

Destination Ivy Madness: Women's Basketball

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, N.J. -- With two spots remaining in the 2019 Ivy League Women’s Basketball Tournament and five teams in the mix, the final weekend of the regular season will not be short on excitement and drama.
Penn and Princeton have already clinched spots to Ivy Madness and are tied for first with two games to decide who takes home the 2018-19 championship. Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard and Yale all have an opportunity to claim the final two spots, with the Crimson and Bulldogs controlling their own destinies.
Columbia could finish in a tie for fourth-place, but the Lions do not hold the edge in any tiebreaking scenarios and thus cannot claim a spot in the tournament.
Only Penn and Princeton can win the 2018-19 Ivy League championship. Both teams can take the outright title by sweeping the weekend and seeing the other lose on or both of its games.
If Penn and Princeton share the Ivy League title, the top seed will be determined by which team finishes in third-place. Princeton gets the top seed if Harvard maintains its spot in third-place thanks to the Tigers sweep of the Crimson, which split the season series with Penn. Penn gets the top seed if it defeats Yale this weekend and Yale finishes as the third-place team, thanks to the Quakers sweep of the Bulldogs, who defeated Princeton in their first matchup. Harvard’s win over Penn could turn out crucial for the Crimson should it end up in a tie with Yale and the Quakers complete the season sweep of the Bulldogs and win the outright title.
Harvard controls its own destiny. All it needs is one win to clinch a spot in Ivy Madness, and two wins to claim the third seed.
Two losses could see the Crimson falling out of the top-four, if it finishes in a tie with
Cornell and Yale (because of the Big Red’s sweep of the Bulldogs), and Princeton finishes as the outright champion (because of Yale’s win over the Tigers, who swept Harvard).
Yale controls its own destiny. Two wins would get the Bulldogs into Ivy Madness regardless of other results.
The Bulldogs could get the third-seed if they sweep the weekend and finish in a tie with
Harvard for third-place. In that scenario, Yale would be 2-0 against Princeton and 1-1
against Penn, whereas the Crimson finished 0-2 against Princeton and 1-1 against Penn.
Even if Penn won the title outright, the tiebreak would fall to record against Princeton,
giving Yale the edge.
At 5-7, Cornell can earn a spot with a sweep of Harvard and Dartmouth and a Penn/Princeton sweep of Yale. The Big Red can also get in with a sweep of Harvard and Dartmouth and at least one loss by Yale.
Cornell has the head-to-head tiebreak against Yale, thanks to a series sweep this season,
which would also help the Big Red should it end in a three-way tie with Harvard and Yale
for third-place. In that scenario, Cornell would get the third seed because of a 3-1 record against the other two teams in the tie. A loss to Harvard would not necessarily knock Cornell out of the mix, provided Yale is swept by Penn and Princeton and the Big Red defeats Dartmouth.
At 5-7, Dartmouth can earn a spot with a sweep of Cornell and Columbia and a Penn/Princeton sweep of Yale.
Dartmouth could also get in if it defeats Cornell but falls to Columbia and ends in a four-way tie with Columbia, Cornell and Yale for the fourth spot at 6-8; in that scenario, Dartmouth would be 2-0 against Cornell and 1-1 against Columbia and Yale, giving the Big Green a 4-2 record against the other three teams in the tie.
The Lions are unable to claim a spot at Ivy Madness, but could play the role of spoiler this weekend.
Even if Columbia, at 4-8, sweeps the weekend to finish 6-8, and Yale loses both games, and either Dartmouth or Cornell splits their weekend to set up a three-way tie at 6-8, the Lions do not hold any tiebreakers. In a three-way tie with Dartmouth and Yale, the Bulldogs would get the tiebreak thanks to their sweep of the Lions and split with the Big Green, while a Columbia-Cornell-Yale tie would result in the Big Red getting the spot, thanks to its sweep of Yale and split with the Lions.  

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